Bohemia Feather Antique Gold Brass or Silver Earring - Spunky Soul Collection

$ 17.99 $ 49.99

  • FREE SPIRIT! Our bestselling earrings, with a special message. Beautiful to wear and wonderful to give!
  • INCLUDES DRAWSTRING NET GIFT BAG and meaningful keepsake card
  • CHOOSE ANTIQUE SILVER OR BRASS or BOTH! 1.5 inches light weight and doesn't pull on your ear
  • LIGHTWEIGHT 1.5 inches long and doesn't pull on your ear
  • Lead & Nickel Free in compliance with all U.S., State requirements & the CPSIA

Symbolic Meanings of Feathers

In many cultures feathers symbolize truth and spiritual evolution to a higher plane.

Feathers can be worn to symbolize a new beginning or simplify a reminder to lighten up and find joy in your situation and don't take life so seriously. Or to remind us that loves ones that have passed on to the angels are with us.

According to author Doreen Virtue: Maat is the goddess of fairness, integrity, promises, truth, and justice. Her symbol is a feather, which she uses with a scale of justice to weight the heaviness of guilt or deceit within a newly deceased soul's heart. Maat will keep dishonest individuals and situations away from you and protect against dark or lower energies.

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